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Trillium Teamologies, Inc. Today's tough economic times require tactical and strategic game plans.  These include maximizing current technology solutions, better managing IT budgets and doing more with less! Located in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan, Trillium Teamologies, Inc. is leading the way in technology.  We know what it takes to get through these tough times.  Let us help you and we can all get through them together.
Trillium Teamologies, Inc. provides a wide variety of technology services including consulting, technical support, software development, complete creative design and much more.

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The Team Works For You!

Teamologies: n. the science of teamwork, technology, art, career and skill combined to achieve a practical purpose.

At Trillium Teamologies, Inc., we believe in teamwork.  So much so that we've adopted the term "Teamologies" and redefined it to reflect our environment. At Trillium Teamologies, Inc. the Team works for you!